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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 4 man tent
After doing some research on lightweight backpacking tents. I came across NatureHike Cloud 3. After receiving the tent I assembled it first time with no problems. Everything is included as advertised. Overall very happy with the purchase. The one and only issue is the footprint that is provided is smaller than the tent.
Awesome budget lightweight tent. Easy to set up and good quality for this price. I bought the 2 person tent, but I would not recommend 2 people to sleep in it. For 1p + pack it's great.
AMAZING TENT! So light (just over 2.5kg without ground sheet) - very stable in the wind - plenty of space for a family of four. Can not recommend highly enough. 2 possible improvements: 1) two way zip on flysheet doors would improve ventilation 2) extra peg out points in the centre of each end panel would improve stability / tensioning.
Received very quickly. Exactly as pictured and described. Stitching seems like OK quality, but probably not as burly as another naturehike tent I have (a pyramid). Though the upper guy points do loop around the poles.This seems like a good 3-4 season expedition tent if you like to cook in your vestibule, though the inner body is mesh not solid fabric (not as warm and a potential problem in blowing snow, but you can bury the edges of the fly and potentially skip the inner tent altogether). Not bad weight for three people. The guylines could be changed for something thinner and the stakes seem too short for snow use. At this point I would buy again, but we'll see what heavy wind does to it...
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