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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 360 vücut dalga frontal peruk
This is a second time I have been ordering the hair from Cathy. Its fantastic, excellent quality, no odor. The hair is very soft, silky smooth and durable. You can color, cut and style it the way you want. The shipment is very fast and communication is outstanding. Cathy keeps you with a daily update about the shipment state. The customization service is great and fast. I received a hair that exceeded my expectations and I believe it is the best hair I have ever ordered from Cathy. I'm very grateful to all RXY staff for their hard work, honest and responsive customer treatment.
thank you so much I'm very happy for my hair I receive it very early and he looks nice and good hair i didn't try yet but I can wait I like it so and the seller its very nice good communication they text you and talk too you they very good im definitely gonna buy with them aigan thank u thank u
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