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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 16 inç brezilyalı saç
This hair is sooo soft! It has really nice luster and Rosa is so great at communicating everything for shipping it came so fast! Less than a week! Definitely will purchase again!
I was scared to bleach it because I have had past experiences that were horrible with hair but it bleached and dyed very well VERY VERY TRUE TO LENGHT AND DESCRIPTION, I will be ordering again.
It was pretty fast even if I had ePacket. Everything went fine except as soon as I opened it, there was some part that was off.... The hair was very silky and the colour matches my hair. I mean this hair really does pay off the price compare to high-end ones... but if you really want those boujee lookin, try some other brand. Anyways, the seller was very nice as well and you can communicate with them anytime. All in all, I give them a fair 4.5/5
The hair is perfect!!! I ordered 28", 400 gr. It was shinny and the colour didnt match, but i was colored it, wash, dry and styled it with iron. Im using about 350 gr and it looks very natural, like my own hair. Great quality!! I would recommend it to everyone!
Very very good hair. 6 times I ordered in that shop and will order again in the future. Have ordered in other shops but was not satisfied. Finally I found the right shop to order my hairs. Good hair, good price & fast shipping (ordered on the 22th of April delivery 9th of May).
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