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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 13x6 dalgalı
I love this hair! The package arrived faster than I expected,just 3 days. The hair is so soft and thick. The hairline is so natural looking,pre-plucked with amny baby hair.I have had little to no shedding and have gotten plenty of compliments. This is my first time buying from this seller and it's my favorite unit already. Also She is so patient to answer all my questions.Thanks so much !
I was scared at first after seeing some pictures but the wig is very full and thick, I got some free lashes and wig cap which was nice. The hair is very soft, hopefully to buy more from this seller
Hair is great,this is the best hair I have on this site.True to what it says,and I have dyed it a little, seller is very nice and give additional help on how to wash hair. I just wet the hair n go because the curls never leave, water helps bring them out more. I definitely will be purchasing from seller again.thanks so much seller!I will be your customer always!
So, when I got the hair, it was really nice, smooth and soft when I took it out of the package. I bleached the knots (even though it said they were already bleached). Then, I highlighted the hair and the curls retuned back to its original state, even after the second wash! Awesome! I chose to have it sewed on and installed with a little glue around my forehead and perimeter of the hair. The hair said that it was Pre-plucked, but I didn’t notice any Pre-plucking of the hair until after it was installed. I wanted to achieve the wet look with the hair, so with Sabastian Wet product, a little hair oil and eco gel, I was able to achieve that, and it lasts all day!!! Beautiful! The seller took 4 days until the hair was shipped out, but apologized over and over again, and then I received the hair in 2 days!!!
I ordered 18-22,22,22. Customer service was good. The hair: Didn’t have a smell. I dyed it without bleach, just LoReal HiColor in Red & Magenta and developer. It came out great. Once I washed & conditioned out the dye, I got maybe, 2-3 strands. I didn’t get any shedding straight out the package eiter. I sealed my wefts and closure and I only receive a few strands when I’m styling. It does get dry so you will have to condition and do treatments at least every 1-2 weeks. Or before you do a style/use product Uor heat. I made this into a closure wig as well. The closure was good too, only got one strand when bleaching the closure. He nape does get tangled when dry but after treatment you’ll be fine.
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