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Taiwan Brand
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Express Delivery

The ordered product will be sent in 120 hours, please be patient. And if you live in a remote area and you have choosed the free DHL or free Fedex, please allow us to change your parcel to be shipped by the Post.

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To improve the product, some minor changes are not updated in time. You can seek advice from our Service Center or place order directly. Thanks for your understanding very much!


Maybe there are some minor differences between picture and product. It is caused by some other reasons such as color reflection in the monitor, lighting, background etc. However, if you believe that the item received is wrong color, please contact with us to see if return or refund is possible.

About Us

INNOREL Technologies Co., Ltd. is committed to provide consumers with high quality products and services. Providing Innovative and Reliable products is the direction we are heading towards.

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